5 Natural Sugar Substitutes That Are Sweet Enough To Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings

When you are on a weight-loss diet, the first food item that you cut from your diet is sugar. But, sugar is a very common ingredient that goes in most of the recipes. So, completely avoiding sugar means to compromise with the taste. What if you get an alternative to it, here are 5 best natural sugar substitutes that won’t let you compromise with your health and taste.

Reasons To Avoid Sugar

natural sugar substitutes
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But, why sugar is a bad option and why you need to avoid it. Sugar increases the risk of obesity by interfering with the hormones associated with hunger. In short, eating sugary foods make you more hungry and increases your weight.

Not only this, but sugar affects your metabolism too resulting in excessive fat storage and increase in insulin level. All these effects your health and make you prone to severe health issues like cancer, diabetes, and heart attack.

By reducing your sugar consumption you can definitely reduce the risk of these diseases. However, it is not that easy for some people who are fond of sugary foods. It is because sugar also makes you addictive by releasing dopamine in your brain.

Dopamine is a hormone associated with the feeling of happiness. In short, whenever you eat sweets or chocolate you feel good. Thus, you crave more for sugar and gain weight.

Those who cannot control their cravings for sweet should try these natural sugar substitutes.

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5 Natural Sugar Substitutes

Coconut Sugar

natural sugar substitutes

Coconut sugar is not only sweet in taste but also healthy due to the nutrients and antioxidants it contains. Nutrients like zinc, iron, calcium, and potassium in coconut sugar make it a healthy alternative.

Moreover, it is low in glycemic index thus prevent the rise of blood sugar levels. But, the calories in coconut sugar is the same as that of regular sugar. So, even if it’s a healthy option you should still limit its intake.


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A natural sweetener from nature, honey is a good option to satisfy your sweet tooth. Just add honey to your drink, smoothies, jellies, and other desserts and manage your weight.

Flavonoids, vitamins, and minerals in honey also manage the blood sugar level, reduce inflammation, and hyperglycemia. Again, you should be not driven by its health benefits and use in excessive amount.

Fructose in honey can contribute to various health issues so do not go crazy about honey.


natural sugar substitutes
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It is a plant-based sweetener and completely calorie-free. Even though stevia tastes a bit different than normal sugar, it will make your recipes extra sweet. It is safe and known for its amazing benefits like managing blood sugar, insulin, and blood pressure levels.

Maple Syrup

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The thick sugary syrup, maple syrup is already a popular ingredient in most of the cuisines. Antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals in maple syrup are present in just perfect amount.

It is even better than honey in terms of antioxidants but equally high in sugar. So, do not use maple syrup in excessive amount.


natural sugar substitutes

A traditional Indian sweetener is also a healthy and natural substitute for sugar. It is sweeter than regular sugar and provides ample health benefits. Jaggery can relieve headaches, treat cough and cold, improve haemoglobin and blood pressure level.

No matter which of these natural sugar substitutes you pick, always use in moderation. Overconsumption can cause health issues the same as that of regular sugar, so be careful about your intake.

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