8 Tricks To Detangle The Fairy Knots In The Hair Without Damaging Your Hair

Knots in the hair are a common hair issue especially among with coily, kinky, and curly hair. These fairy knots make brushing difficult and lead to more hair breakage. Fret not! We’ll tell you the tricks to prevent those stubborn knots.

Why Do I Have Fairy Knots?

knots in the hair
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Hair grew from a curved hair follicle easily tie around with nearby hair strands and form a knot. This type of knots in the hair are common in thick, curly, short, and coiled type hair.

But, dry hair or friction from pillows can also cause single-strand knots. Detangling them or preventing the fairy knots is easy, just follow these simple tricks:

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How To Prevent Knots In The Hair?

knots in the hair
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  1. Brush Before Washing- Divide your hair into sections and detangles your hair. This would avoid further knotting in the hair. Moreover, the shampoo can easily smoothen each hair strand.
  2. Comb In Right Direction- Combing your hair in the right direction also prevents the knotting of the hair strands. Mostly, it downward direction but brushing your hair from the neck is the most suitable direction. So, bend your neck forward and brush from the neck till the end of the hair strand.
  3. Loose Ponytail- Don’t sleep in a tight ponytail as it would add stress to the hair. Always make a loose ponytail and use a silk pillowcase as it prevents the friction of hair with the pillow.
  4. Hydrate Well– Tangled hair or single-strand hair indicates dry hair which is usually due to excessive sun exposure. So, moisturize your thirsty locks with a good hair serum or leave-in nourishing cream.
  5. Ditch The Brush– Sometimes, it okay to not use a brush and detangles the larger knots with a finger. This will cause less hair breakage and ease in detangling.
  6. Use The Right Tool– Use a wet brush made of plastic when combing in-shower. These brushes have soft bristles that do not hurt your hair.
  7. Get Professional Care– Poor hair care leads to more knots in the hair. So, visit a professional hairstylist to give the right treatment to your dry and tangled hair. Limit this visit to 3-4 months yearly, get your hair trimmed, and right suggestion from the experts.
  8. Apply Conditioner– In case of a stubborn fairy knot that doesn’t go off easily, apply conditioner directly. Rub it well on the knot to open the loop, don’t use a brush. Use your fingers to detangle step by step.

Fairy knots can cause more damage to hair so use the right shampoo, conditioner, and brush for your hair type. Only using these simple tricks can also help you easily get rid of single-strand knots.

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