Buying Dildos For The First-Time? This Handy Guide Is All You Need Now

Sex stores have something for everyone but you can only get the best if you are aware of your interest. And if this is your first-time to sex toy shopping, dildos are the best option. But, the struggle to shop for a sex toy is more difficult than shopping for other items that you do. Here are the tips to buy dildos so that you get the desired pleasure using it.

Everything About Dildos

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Dildos are popular sex toys among women as they resemble a male genital. Some of them vibrate while others are simple penis-shaped toys. You might be wondering what’s so difficult in making decisions about dildos.

The size and material will make it harder to choose because different materials can give you different levels of pleasure. Thus, it is important to know about the different types of materials used to make dildos.

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Size can be an issue for first-timers but don’t get confused, select as per your personal preference depending upon your handling capacity and insertable length and girth.

Buy As Per Use

Not only vaginal, but dildos are also used for anal stimulation. Thus, one must buy according to the usage of dildos. If you are going for a vaginal stimulation then an ordinary dildo would do the job.

Dildos with beads are good for anal stimulation as they also have some safety features like a long handle for better handling. There are prostate dildo as well that enhance your pleasure as it allows your partner or you(if going solo) to reach G-spot/ P-spot.

And for greater heights of pleasure, choose a curved shape dildo.


Dildos are available in different materials like metal, soft PVC, rubber, glass, and TPE. Which one is better? Well, it depends on the pros and cons of each material, here’s the info about those different dildos on the market.

  • Rubber ones are affordable but only good for solo stimulation and not for sharing.
  • Glass ones, on the other hand, are very pleasing and let you hit that g-spot easily however they are not flexible.
  • Metal dildos give you the same feel as glass dildos with the flexibility to play with temperature. But, use lube while using metal dildos to get real pleasure.
  • Silicone dildos come with ample advantages like flexibility, colors, price, and skin-friendly. They are great for bedroom play but use only water-based lubricants so that the material does not get damaged.

Apart from the shape, size, and material one should also look for texture as per their own preferences to get the right fit and desired sexual pleasure.


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