Buying Lubricants For Condoms? All You Need Is Our Handy Guide To Get The Best One

Most couples struggle to get the desired sexual pleasure and the safety concern further holds them from enjoying. Condoms come to the rescue but they can ruin the fun especially if the female partner is experiencing vaginal dryness issues. Using lubricants for condoms can help but only when you get the right one. Here’s a perfect guide that will help you buy the most suitable lube.

Everything About Lubes Beginners Need To Know

lubricants for condoms
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Lube is nothing but a gel or liquid that lubricates or reduces the friction between the genitals. In short, it increases the slipperiness thus adding extra pleasure to the foreplay, penetration, masturbation, and even to the oral sex session.

But, not all lubes are the fit-to-all size as they differ in their formulation and usage. Read further to know about all those types of lubricants for condoms:

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Water-Based Lube

Water-based lubes are light, stain-free, and non-sticky. They are versatile and easy-to-wash off. In addition to this, water-based lubes are great options for those with sensitive skin due to the gentle formulations of the lube.

However, it requires frequent applications as they easily dry off. That’s the only con of water-based lubes but if it’s okay for you then look for a lube that has no paraben, glycerin, and petrochemical.

Oil Based Lubes

Oil-based lubes are far better than water-based in terms of texture and number of applications it requires. But, oil-based lubes don’t work well with condoms as they tear them off easily due to their thick texture.

In fact, they are great to double pleasure during masturbation and massage in men. And for women, there is a risk of vaginal infection due to the viscous texture of the lubes.

Silicone Based Lube

You can rely on silicone-based lube to enhance sexual pleasure during anal sex because of their slippery texture. Moreover, they do not need more than one or two applications and lasts longer.

However, they can give a serious stain to the upholstery, cause irritation, and not good to be used with silicone toys. But, you can use them with latex condoms without worrying about wear and tear.

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Hybrid Lubes

Water-based and silicone-based are good in terms of pleasure and safety with condoms but they have their own cons. Hybrid lubes overcome all the cons and give you the best of both the worlds so that you don’t have to compromise with the fun.

Unlike other lubricants for condoms that are not good to be used with sex toys, hybrid lubes go well with silicone toys. However, frequent and improper use of lube on toys can cause serious damage so be careful while using.

These are the popular and available types of lubricants that have the power to double the fun on the bed. But, knowing the purpose of using lubes also matters because each is designed for different purposes.

Read further to ease your confusion regarding the usage of lubes.

lubricants for condoms
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  • Solo Play- For making your solo session more pleasurable, safe, and fun any lube except oil-based lube will work
  • Protective gears– If using dental dams, condoms, and diaphragms then go for silicone and water one works best
  • Waterplay- Silicone-based and hybrid lubes are great to have fun in the water
  • Adventure- Those looking for lubes just for fun or to feel the gentle warming sensation can go for flavored lubes.

You can even have a personal lube in case you have sensitive skin or allergy to fragrance and formulations. But, test the personalized lubricants anywhere on the body before using on genitals.

Apart from sex, you can even use the lubes to treat vaginal dryness, pain, and discomfort due to changes in hormone levels. However, do not be your own doctor consult a gynecologist for a better solution as per your health situations.


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