Does Frequent Constipation Troubles You? Try Coconut Oil For The Permanent Cure

Constipation is a common problem that can occur to anyone despite age or gender. But, it is not as serious as other problems and can be easily cured with home remedies. However, some of the remedies work but none may cure constipation in some people because of the severity of their issues. Try coconut oil for constipation if nothing is helpful in bringing normalcy to bowel movements.

Read further to know how this simple ingredient can cure constipation and how to use it.

Coconut Oil And Constipation

coconut oil for constipation
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Holding on to the stool for long makes them harder due to the deposition in the large intestine. The intestine muscles cannot push them further and thus you get all the constipation symptoms like fullness, backache, cramping, and feeling of heaviness.

High fiber food, caffeine, fennel seeds, adding probiotics in your diet, and drinking lots of water can cure constipation. Some of them can give you instant relief from the discomfort of constipation. Still, some may keep facing constipation even after using these remedies.

Coconut oil is the final solution that one can try for frequent constipation problems. It improves metabolism and thus food gets easily digest which leads to proper movements of bowel and relieves constipation. Furthermore, it acts as a lube for the intestine and smoothen the flow of stool and ease the passage through the rectum.

In addition to this, coconut also helps in weight loss, better heart health, skin, and hair protection from getting damaged, and more. So, just add coconut to your diet and get rid of constipation forever.

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Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Constipation

coconut oil for constipation
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The ideal way is to cook the meals in coconut oil so that your body gets used to it. But, do not use too much oil; 2-3 tablespoons are enough to deal with tummy troubles.

Apart from using it as cooking oil, you can use a few drops in the smoothies as well or in fruit juices. Salads dressed in coconut oil is also a good way to get all the nutrients and coconut’s benefits.

And not just the coconut oil, you can rely on coconut water and milk for the same benefits. But, to get the complete cure one may have to change their lifestyle and eating habits as well.

Lifestyle Changes To Prevent Constipation

Changes change you and your health conditions too especially when it comes to constipation. So, make these small but healthy changes in your daily routine:

  • Start your morning with a glass of water
  • Eat bran cereal for breakfast
  • Perform simple exercises like jogging or walking
  • Do not sit after having lunch rather take a short walk
  • Eat high-fiber foods in lunch and dinner
  • Try to eat at the same time every day
  • Instead of eating junk foods eat whole fruit in the snacks
  • Avoid white rice and go for brown rice
  • Sleep more
  • Do not hold the bowel movements
  • Try to empty your stomach each day at the same time
  • Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day
  • Exercise on a daily basis

Coconut oil and these changes in your daily routine would cure the constipation of the root. But, do not take overdose as it can worsen the condition. On the other hand, when giving coconut oil to kids make sure you are not feeding them directly.

Consult a pediatrician in case you are giving coconut oil to infants.

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