Drinking ‘Kadha’ Too Much? We Will Tell You Its Severe Side Effects

The pandemic has brought a massive change in our day-to-day lifestyle, and one of the best ways to protect ourselves from this virus is to keep our immunity strong and tight. 

So what do you do to boost your immunity power? Drink Kadha made by your mom? If yes, then let’s find out if consumption of this home-made drink has any side effects or not?

Well, to boost immunity, there are tons of things to eat and drink. However, the best and the safest way to boost immunity is to drink Kadha. 

What is Kadha? ( For People Who Don’t Know)


Kadha is made by using all-natural home ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, tulsi leaves, gur, Haldi, and black pepper. This home-made drink is known to treat various diseases. 

Various health ministries have also suggested the consumption of Kadha, but the question is, Are there any side effects associated with the intake Of Kadha? Sometimes we do not know the right way of using medications and herbal drinks. So, improper use may lead to severe diseases. Thus, we are here to help you learn about the do and don’ts of consuming Kadha.

Are there any side-effects of Kadha?

Stomach issues

If you consume kadha properly, it can lead to nose bleeding, mouth ulcers, acidity, acne, rashes, urination problems, and so many other diseases. Anything will have side effects if consumed in an excessive amount. Excessive consumption of kadha may also lead to digestive issues. Thus, do not drink it frequently and check all the ingredients before adding.

The right ways to consume Kaadha?


Follow these Do and Dont’s of Kadha to 


Less Consumption:

Do not consume kadha more than 50ml in a day. To not make a mistake, make sure to take the right quantity of ingredients in 100 ml of water and boil it t reduce it to 50ml.

Don’t Overboil:

Try not to over boil it as the more you boil kadha, the more bitter it tastes and will cause heartburn and acidity.

Don’t Overdrink:

The kadha should not be consumed every day as it can not be healthy for your body, and its excess consumption will cause various diseases.

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Add cool spices in your Kadha

 It is incredibly essential to add some cool spices to your herbal drink. As this will help fight stomach issues. You can use rose petals, cardamom, and licorice in your Kadha.

Have cooling food:

As we know, Kadhas generate heat inside the body, which leads to acne outbursts and skin dryness. To prevent it, consume cooling food items throughout the day like oranges and watermelons.

Stay hydrated:

It’s always advisable to stay hydrated. It will be useful to add coconut water and mint-infused water to your diet. This will not only keep your stomach cool but also get you rid of pimple issues.

So, these are the Dos and Dont’s of Drinking Kadha. If you follow these tips than there will be no harm in its consumption.

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