Fear Of People Is Killing Me, How To Cope With Social Phobia?

Going for a job interview or on a date can make you little nervous, shy or anxious. Soon you’d feel sweat between the palms or butterflies in the stomach or thought of being rejected or judged will make it worse. That’s too obvious to happen but, these are also signs of social anxiety or phobia.

And the thought of escaping the situation will constantly hit to your mind until it’s over. However, these symptoms alone do not indicate that you have a phobia of social interactions.

So, don’t worry; but if the thought of suicide or self-harm strikes your mind just to escape the scenario don’t ignore your condition. Learn here how to deal with social anxiety instead.

Because suffering isn’t a way to deal rather take preventive measures or follow these strategies to ease your trouble.

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How To Overcome Social Anxiety?

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Medications and therapies are the most sought out treatment. But, don’t underestimate the importance of self-help strategies. Here are all those little things that add powers to you in dealing with anxiety:

#1. Take Care Of Your Health

Poor physical health can exaggerate the symptoms so eat foods that reduce anxiety, indulge in exercises or weight training programs. If workout seems tough then at least do yoga or meditation.

These mindful practices will help ease the fear and uncontrollable thoughts that come with those situations. Practice running or walking daily to work on your stamina.

#2. Beat The Fear With The Wisdom Of Words

A little motivation is all that you need to cope with social anxiety. So, read books based on true stories, mindfulness, and inspirational stories.

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If you struggle to find one then we have got a few options, to begin with:

  • “Overcoming Social Anxiety And Shyness” A self-help guide, By Gillian Butler
  • “Daring Greatly” A book to open up yourself and get rid of the shyness, By Shame Researcher- Brene Brown
  • “Dying Of Embarrassment” A guide and workbook with practical examples to deal with social phobia is a work of 4 different authors- Barbara G. Markway, Cheryl N. Carmin, Teresa Flynn, and C. Alec Pollard

Just for a good start, rely on these books!

#3. Good Company

Although social anxiety will keep you away from the people, surrounding yourself with some people is necessary. As they can help you either directly or indirectly if you pay attention to their actions and words.

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Such people are always positive about their life despite having so much to worry about. So, get in touch with such people or join a community that helps to deal with negative thoughts.

Besides these strategies, you should also:

  • push yourself to join social gatherings as isolating isn’t a remedy
  • reward yourself whenever you make an effort even if you failed
  • don’t try to be perfect all the time because ” To err is to human; to admit it, superhuman”
  • make one change at a time
  • practice positive self talk
  • use herbal supplements for managing anxiety (consult a doctor first if you’re not sure about the supplement)
  • sleep well
  • stop worrying and start laughing as laughing therapy will release all the stress, shyness, and nervousness
  • help others as helping would ease your nervousness and make you feel better

These small changes might not seem effective at first, but results will be better if you continue doing it. Always remember ” Nothing Diminishes Anxiety Faster Than Action.”

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