Got A Knee Pain While Running? Here’s The Right Thing To Do

Running is a great and easy way to lose weight and stay fit but it can give you serious knee pain as well. That’s due to improper running posture and poor shoes that can lead to knee pain when running. Other reasons could be an existing injury or knee problem. Whatever the case, no need to give up running. Instead, learn the right running technique and ways to fix the knee aches.

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knee pain when running
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Don’t Strike The Heels

Over-striking the heels can impact adversely on the knee joints and lead to serious pain or muscle soreness. So, make sure that your feet fall beneath you to avoid the pressure on the knees.

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Avoid Lifting The Knees

Common running advice that beginners get is to lean forward and lift the knees for making longer strides. Sprinters need this advice more than beginners because they have to run longer. But beginners should avoid it as it will make their legs swing more.

More swings mean more effort to put brakes with every stride. This can result in injury. So, keep the knees down and heels up while running to avoid injury.

Right Knee Posture

Do you also straight your knees while landing on the ground? This is the reason why your knees and heels hurt a lot. Instead, bend the knees and land the heels softly on the ground.

Lean Forward

Runners should be careful while landing the foot on the ground as improper landing can put extra force on their knee joint. The right way to land is to lean forward so that your body weight distributes evenly right from the knees to the hips.

This will also reduce knee pain when running.

Maintain Stride Rate

Overstriding while going down the hill is the common tendency instead of this, keep the steps short and decrease the stride rate as overstriding too fast can affect quad muscles.

That was about the right running posture that will help in dealing with knee pain. Apart from these, runners should do exercises that make their hips, quadriceps, and knee joints stronger.

Read further to know about the basic exercises for a runner’s knee.

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3 Exercises That Heal Knee Pain In 6 Weeks

knee pain when running

Standing Quad Stretch– Stand straight and lift your left knee backward. Hold it from the ankle for 15 seconds and then release. Do the same with the right leg and repeat 2-3 times. It works best for the hip flexors and quadriceps.

Leg lift- Lie on the back and lift one of your knees to make a 90-degree angle with the floor. Keep the other knee firmly on the floor and palms sideways. Hang the leg in the air for 2 seconds and then put it back on the floor. Repeat with other leg and perform 2-3 sets for stronger quadriceps and hips muscles.

Wall Side- Stand closer to the wall with the back facing the wall. Rest the back and palms on the wall while keeping the feet a few distances away from the wall. Slide down till the thighs come in parallel to the ground and pause for 5 seconds. Perform wall slide in 2-3 sets with each set having 10-15 repetitions.

Keep these tricks in mind and perform these 3 exercises for 6 weeks. All your knee pain will vanish. Besides these, treat your knee pain with ice packs daily for faster results.

[Note: Those having serious knee pain or injury should avoid exercise and take medical prescriptions before resuming running]

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