Hair Fall Or Hair Breakage: What’s The Difference?

Hair fall or hair breakage, well these two ain’t the same thing though used interchangeably. And not just this, signs, symptoms, and even treatment for the two differs. Surprised! Read on to know how the two differs and what you can do for preventing hair breakage.

Hair Fall Or Hair Breakage

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When you fall off from the root, it’s hair fall or loss but root damage isn’t the case in hair breakage. This is the only significant difference between the two.

However, it’s natural to lose some hair every day. But, when you lose greater than this amount its result of dandruff, poor hair care, and weather.

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In some cases, any skin condition like alopecia results into bald patches. Worry not like most of such conditions can be treated with right nutrients and treatment.

Even home remedies are effective in preventing hair loss. More importantly, good hair care is all that you need to stay strong and healthy. So, use the right shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, wash them often, massage well, and eat right.

Hair breakage sounds similar and somewhere results in hair loss as well. Thus, it’s often considered as hair fall too. But, the reasons of hair breakage is slightly different.

Your hair undergoes so many things, right from the chemicals to heat from hair styling products. And continuous use of such products leads to split ends, dryness and cause more damage than hair care products.

Even mishandling of hair like brushing incorrectly or using wrong brush can break or damage your hair. So, what’s the solution.

  • Be gentle with your hair and avoid the use of high heat.
  • Use a shampoo that treats dryness, frizzy hair, and keep them moist and smooth.
  • Massage them with regular oil or essential ones like olive or lavender
  • To fix the dry hair and regain the moisture, take enough nutrients. For this, eat salmon, avocados, seeds and nuts.
  • Use DIY hair masks like onion mask, egg hair mask, and more.
  • Get your hair trimmed to avoid split ends
  • Never wash your hair regularly
  • Eat vitamin A, C, D, and E rich foods
  • Your hair is made mostly of the protein so make sure you are getting enough of them
  • Take hair supplements in case you are not getting enough of these nutrients from the diet, but after taking doctor’s advice

These tips work in most cases, but if you have a condition like hypothyroidism or eating disorders then treatment is necessary.

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