Shoulder Pain In Diabetes

Mrs Ghoshal is a teacher. She teaches in a good school and very popular among its students. Students love her way of teaching. She makes the subject very simple by making drawings on the blackboard.

For the past few days, Mrs Ghoshal has not been able to write anything on the blackboard. She feels unbearable pain in lifting the straight arm above the shoulder. Slowly, the shoulder is getting jammed. Even after moving the hand backwards, the shoulder has started to hurt. The students started urging them to draw the drawing again.

When the matter grew too much, it reached the doctor. The doctor asked, do you have diabetes? Madam thought for some time and then said that two-three years ago, she had found more blood sugar, but due to treatment, she had come to normal. After that, neither did she conduct any investigation or treatment in this regard. Doctor sir understand what is the matter.

With great diligence, he explained to her that diabetes is not a self-healing disease. You have to take treatment and abstain for life. The shoulder problem is a result of your prolonged blood sugar. Undergoing a blood sugar test, it was found that there are 264 on empty stomach and 340 after eating.

It took three months for Mrs Goshal’s shoulder pain to recover from diabetes treatment, pain-relieving pills and strenuous exercise.

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Periarthritis of the shouldershoulder pain

The shoulder joint is a hair-pocket joint. There is a capsule made of ligament around it to keep it in its place and to attach the hand to the torso. This shoulder problem arises when the agility is over and inertia in the same capsule. One out of five diabetics has been seen suffering from this problem. This may be the first symptom of diabetes, that is, diabetes is diagnosed for the first time after a test of shoulder pain.

Imagine dipping a napkin in sugar syrup and letting it dry. You will find that the handkerchief goes a little hard. The same is the case of the shoulder capsule. Due to continuously increased sugar, its ligament (fibrous fibres) are also added. In scientific language, it is called Frozen Shoulder or Adhesive Arthritis Shoulder.

If this is the case with a shoulder on one side, then other shoulders will also in the risk. Once cured, there is a risk of pain on the same side again. In some patients, its onset has been seen after cardiac surgery.

What is the treatment?shoulder pain

First of all, there is a need for good control of glucose in the blood. By taking proper control of diabetes using diet, exercise, medicine or insulin appropriately with the advice of a doctor, this pain is cured quickly. The second requirement is pain-relieving medicines but always under the supervision of a doctor. More pain-relieving drugs can cause stomach acidity and ulcers.

They have a bad effect on the kidneys, so patients who have started having kidney problems should take these medicines very carefully. Pain relievers can also cause low blood sugar. Some of them may also have a habit of taking. The third thing is physiotherapy (see picture for exercise). This is the most important.

By doing regular rotating exercises of the shoulder, the agility of the capsule returns quickly. Often it may take one to two months. (See picture for exercise).

In the end, if something does not work then surgery may have to be done. One common method is to make the patient unconscious and rotate his arm around vigorously. Many patients recover in this manner without tearing. Surgery can also be done by cutting the frozen section of the capsules using an arthroscopy.

Sometimes some orthopaedics inadvertently inject steroids into the shoulder to treat it. This increases sugar and can cause damage. This problem can be avoided if the diabetic patient does regular strenuous exercise regularly.

Exercise for the treatment and prevention of shoulder painshoulder pain exercise

Bend the table and hang the arm from the shoulder. Rotate the hand hanging in the direction shown by the arrow, repeat 10-20 times. Sit on the side of the table of smooth mica.

Sit on the side of a smooth mica top table, place a handkerchief on the table and move it as far as possible until the pain starts. Keep it there for 2-3 seconds and bring it back. Repeat this 10-20 times as well.

Lie down, hold a stick with both hands and move both hands behind the head until there is pain. Keep there for 2-3 seconds and then bring them forward.

shoulder pain exercise

Cut a rope from the girth on the roof with the two hands up and down as shown. A good hand will help to move the aching arm up.

Hold the pole with both hands and lower it up. The aching hand stays up and the unaffected hand pushes it up.

shoulder pain exericse

Holding the poles with both hands, moving them in half from one circle to the other.

This article has been taken from Madhumehvani.

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