Tired Of Getting Tired All Day? These Natural Remedies For Fatigue Will Help

Feeling tired all the time? The fatigue or exhaustion is common when your body does not get enough sleep, nutrition, and is under stress. Even a medical issue could be a reason why you always want to sleep for more time after multiple morning alarms. Herbal and natural remedies for fatigue will help to modulate the stress response of your body.

Coffee might seems a cure for many to get rid of all-day laziness. One or two cups a day is good but if you sip on throughout the day, you are doing no good to your body.

Instead, try the natural ways that are neither harmful nor less-effective.

6 Natural Remedies For Fatigue

Liquorice root

natural remedies for fatigue
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Too much stress affects the functioning of adrenal glands( a gland that produces cortisol- a stress-relieving hormone). This leads to sleeplessness, exhaustion, body pain, and more adrenal fatigue’s symptoms.

Liquorice root, an ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine is said to improve the cortisol levels in the body. Thus, one gets instant relief from the fatigue and other symptoms caused by stress.

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However, this herbal remedy is not good for everyone as it can raise blood pressure. So, people taking medication for blood thinning and lowering blood pressure should avoid it.

Panax ginseng

natural remedies for fatigue
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Asian ginseng is again a Chinese herb that is effective in improving the energy level of the body. It is also useful in the treatment of depression and cardiovascular disorder.

Men with erectile dysfunction can also take the help of Panax or Asian ginseng to improve their sexual health. It’s available in multiple forms such as supplements, tea, or liquid form.

Unfortunately, those with diabetes and blood pressure problem cannot use this natural remedy for fatigue. Talk to your doctor first, before buying Panax ginseng supplement.

Royal jelly

natural remedies for fatigue
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Not a herb but this royal jelly is an effective home remedy to ease fatigue. Royal jelly comes from the nursing bees and is available as a form of honey.

Even royal jelly capsules are available for easy consumption. Patients with any chronic illness or serious health issues should take royal jelly only on the advice of doctors.


natural remedies for fatigue
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Cordyceps is a kind of mushroom that eliminates one of the possible causes of fatigue i.e. inflammation. It’s anti-tumorigenic and anti-ageing property also helps in improving the overall health.

However, this popular Chinese medical mushroom is harmful to those with autoimmune diseases. It’s risky to take cordyceps capsule, powder, and liquid in case you take steroids or immunosuppressants.

Always buy the original and quality cordyceps product to combat fatigue.

Siberian ginseng

natural remedies for fatigue
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Eleuthero or Siberian ginseng is truly not ginseng but a short woody shrub. Use of eleuthero can help manage stress, boost energy, stamina, focus, and athletic performance.


natural remedies for fatigue
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Animal studies on maca show that it works on fatigue. Moreover, maca gives a similar effect to caffeine. Thus, maca is not only popular as a natural remedy but also a popular ingredient in baked food.

These natural remedies for fatigue are easy and quick relief. But, before taking any of these contact your healthcare provider to check whether it’s safe for your condition or not.

Apart from these home remedies, these tips will also help you ease fatigue

  1. Limit the calorie size
  2. Avoid refined carbs and add high-fibre foods
  3. Spinach is an old wives tale for fatigue
  4. Don’t drink only when thirsty, drink throughout the day to avoid dehydration
  5. Stay away from alcohol
  6. Limit your coffee intake
  7. 30-minutes workout session will improve your condition
  8. Take short naps in a day
  9. Strictly follow your bed-time schedule to avoid tiredness
  10. Yoga or tai chi will keep your mind relaxed

And if none of the above methods and natural remedies for fatigue works, visit a doctor. Medical attention is necessary if fatigue comes with abdominal pain and difficulty breathing.



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