Worried About Increase Blood Pressure? Eat These Foods To Manage It

Low blood pressure can be easily identified when you have symptoms like nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and fatique. But, high blood pressure or hypertension shows no symptoms. The only way to know is to get your blood pressure measured. And then you would be advised to eat foods that lower blood pressure.

When your blood pressure is extremely high then you may experience symptoms such as nosebleed, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and blood in the urine.

These symptoms can even lead to a heart attack or indicate a serious health issue. Well, hypertension itself is a serious medical condition and known as a silent killer. Thus, you must eat foods that lower blood pressure levels but not more than average reading that is 90/60-120/80 mm Hg.

Foods That Reduce High Blood Pressure


foods that lower blood pressure
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The red beets open up the blood vessels due to nitric oxide. Researchers say that it can lower your blood pressure in just one day. So, patients with hypertension must add it to their diet but do not overeat it as it can cause a drastic reduction in blood pressure.

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foods that lower blood pressure
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High potassium in bananas makes it a good food for reducing blood pressure levels. Mixing it with oatmeal breakfast further cause a reduction in blood pressure.


foods that lower blood pressure
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Again a food that boosts nitric oxide levels in the body is garlic. It causes widening of the arteries thus improve blood flow and promote vasodilation. Add this pungent herb to your diet as this also reduce the effect of salt in your body.

Besides garlic, you can even add rosemary, cinnamon, basil, and thyme as a remedy to cure hypertension.

Olive Oil

foods that reduce blood pressure
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Looking for a healthy option for fat? Use olive oil as it contains a compound that fights against inflammation in your body. It also decreases your blood pressure level.

Dark Chocolate

foods that reduce blood pressure
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A surprising food on our list is dark chocolate. Besides fulfilling your sugar cravings, dark chocolate also reduces the risk of heart disease as per a study. But, eat chocolate that is made of 60 per cent of cocoa.


foods that reduce blood pressure

A healthy nut option to add to your diet for hypertension is pistachios. According to a study, these green nuts are helpful in blood pressure reduction, reducing the stiffening of blood vessels, and reduce peripheral vascular resistance.

Besides this food to reduce blood pressure, you can even opt for the DASH diet. This diet includes food that is low in sodium and fat. Two weeks of DASH diet can bring 8-14 points reduction in systolic blood pressure.

Overall, you should eat fruits and vegetables but limit the fat sources and increase the intake of calcium, magnesium, and potassium foods. Also, avoid alcohol or limit it to one drink a day.

A healthy diet for the heart is that is low in fat and rich in these nutrients. So, make these changes in your diet when your blood pressure exceeds the average readings.



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